Life of A Senior Citizen

by editor on June 30, 2011

Senior citizens are the name of the group of people reaching a certain age. Depending on the country of residency, usually the age being a senior citizen starts from sixty up. Employees who have retired or have reached the eligible age of retiring can also be called senior citizens. There are advantages and disadvantages of being a senior citizen either which every individual has no choice but to undergo these privileges.

An advantage of being a senior citizen is availability of senior citizen discounts. In every country, every senior citizen is given a certain discount in terms of purchase of food, medicines and service. Value of the discount varies from country to country. They are also given the priority in ticket lines and bus services. Another advantage is the monthly pension that they’ll receive usually depending on how many years of service and the company they were working for.

Being a senior citizen also has disadvantages. The most common is the absence of a stable source of income. Since they are already retired, they will just rely on their monthly pension as means for living. Also they are already old, rarely are they able to find other sources of income. Others succumb to diseases because they don’t have a schedule to follow and don’t have physical activities compared to the time when they still have work.

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