Iphone for Seniors – Can Grandpa and Grandma use it?

by editor on May 29, 2011

When we talk about the latest gadgets, often times the senior citizens are often taken out of the picture. This should not be because even though the gadgets will keep the younger generation hip and trendy, the various gadgets and electronic equipments have been created for use in as many age groups as possible, including the iPhone. In this article we will discuss what the basic features of the iPhone are, and how these features also can cater the needs of the elderly. A lot of ergonomic designs have been integrated in the iPhone that makes it one of the most useful gadgets in the market today. Before going to the features, let us first look at the history of the iPhone.


iPhone 4 in white

iPhone – A Look at its History

The announcement of the release of the iPhone shook the world by storm in the early months of 207. A video camera by definition, this was officially released to the market last January 2007 and features audio-visual solutions like books, news, entertainment movies, music, applications and web surfing. Unlike the iPod, it has a large 3.5 inch display making it the most sold product than all other camera phones combined.

Apple has long been established as a company that delivers innovative products and this product has been their highlight accomplishment for the past year. With nice design, cool user interface and practical features, this has become on the in-demand gadgets in the world. We now look at its features and what makes it stand out.

iPhone – Features at its Best

Touch screen – people who have been using Apple products such as iPod and iTouch had no problem migrating to the iPhone because of its familiar interface. Basically it is just and iTouch with a bigger screen and more functionality. One of the highlights of Apple product is the touch screen technology, and Apple has succeeded in integrating this technology to their products. You need not find any buttons in the device. A simple, user-friendly, scratch free LCD display is used when inputting data to iPhone. Using this touch screen technology, senior citizens would not have a hard time using this device.

Keypad is clearly visible – when used by senior citizens, they’ll enjoy the big keyboard popup that will appear on the screen every time they want to write a document or compose and email. When you click the screen, an onscreen keyboard will appear that is almost the same size as the laptop’s keyboard. Senior citizen’s can clearly see the keys because of the large size. The good thing about the keypad is as soon as you turn the screen, the on screen keyboard rotates as well which keeps it in a very good tool to document when composing a document or even an email.

Customizable software – basically there are a lot of thousand of apple apps (applications) that you can find and install to your IPhone. For gamers, there are a lot of free games made for iPhone. If you are fund of books, you can install e-book reading software in your iPhone. Even senior citizens can also install applications into their iPhone. They can probably install medical related applications, or bible-base applications. No matter what are fond of, I’m sure you can find an application that will surely satisfy your needs.

iPhone is very mobile – senior citizens are not allowed to lift heavy things. iPhone directly answers this issue by making a device that weight 700 kilograms. They can carry it anywhere because it is very light. Aside from that, battery that last several hours can add up to its mobile properties. Senior citizens don’t have to bring their charging docks all the time. Basically due to its mobility, it’s just like bring a typical paper notebook.Ditto

Entertainment package in one – watch movies, read books and surf the net, whatever forms of entertainment, iPhone has this in their features. If grandpa and grandma want to listen to music or watch a quick movie, they don’t need to go too far to do this. iPhone has these features and they can just watch this at the comfort of their homes. If they want to take to their children, they can login the internet and chat with their children or their grandchildren in their iPhone. Senior citizens can really do so much in their iPhone.

Audio and output – Grandma can listen to the Bee Gees or The Platters in the house. With so many downloadable music fro iTunes, she can just download whatever music that she wants and listen to it. You can listen to music either through the iPhone’s mono speakers or if not through 3.5 earphones that is included in the package. Concerts of their classic musical idols can be watched and be listened using the iPhone speakers and accessories.

Very large display – boasting 9 inches of display screen, senior citizens preferring iPhone over smaller equivalents will surely get their money’s worth. Along with zooming capabilities, they don’t need to wear those glasses when reading books and the bible stored in their iPhone. They can just zoom on a specific part of the book or part of the document if they can’t read that well. This can work well with those who have underlying eye problems.

Based on this features, truly the iPhone is not only useable by younger kids and working professionals but also for Grandma and Grandpa. As what the introduction said, iPhone was created and designed by Apple for all age groups – including the senior citizens.

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