Designing a Kitchen For Senior Citizens

by editor on May 31, 2011

When we get old, we lose some of our flexibility that we have when we were still younger. Some of the elderly no longer can bend over to pick up a certain plate. As much as they want to still move and live a normal life it is therefore good to design your kitchen for the time that you will grow old. There are various designs that you can already use to make your kitchen friendly to senior citizens.


Kitchen Remodel With Wolf And Sub-Zero Appliances

However, even existing kitchens can be modified to accommodate and make it friendly to everyone when they get old. We must remember that senior citizens have their special needs, and there is also a need to cater these needs so that this can help you make your own safe kitchen that can be used more often. Let us now look at how we can redesign the kitchen so it can still be useable when you get old.

Remove Things from the Floor

Senior citizens usually aren’t able to bend anymore so remove necessary materials placed below the waist. Make things easier on your lower extremities specially your knees by moving the most-used equipments off of the kitchen floor so you won’t need to bend as much as possible. If you are fond of baking, make your oven waist level and do this so you don’t need to bend that much. Make sure that your kitchen floor is very easy to clean if not maintenance-free.

The reason this is emphasized because cleaning the kitchen floor makes bend and possibly a hard time for old folks. If there are no issues, keep your kitchen near your dining area as possible. This is so because the time spent on delivering the recipe can now already be used to cook your food. When possible, you can create a rolling table or consider a cart to help you move plates and other items.

Place Proper Lighting


Proper Kitchen Lighting

This is often a characteristic that is overlooked. When we get older, we still need the natural light to see things. In a typical office space, you will no longer see natural light because rooms very much covered and heavily air conditioned rooms. Without proper light, senior citizens will have a hard type working in the kitchen. Without proper lightning, they might just be injured. For those who are planning to purchase light bulbs don’t go for cheap ones because they will be destroyed easily. Focus instead on the expensive hat are slightly expensive yet will last longer. You won’t have to change light often if you buy the branded light bulbs. Also when placing the light bulb, make sure it is somewhere reachable so this can be replaced easily as well

Keep away from Unnecessary Designs

Thousands of senior citizens usually break their hips and knees by falling each year. As one ages, the footing that we have when we were still very young might no longer be working as sure as it once was. When you feel bored, make your kitchen floor with texture. Tiles are very slick and very slippery especially when Grandpa is wearing just socks. They are potentially dangerous with canes and walkers. Textured tiles contain a non-slip grip that designed to protect everyone from falls.

Rugs usually are not recommended. You can place rugs in the living room but don’t place it in the kitchen. Aside from the fact that rags can get dirty, they are not easy to clean. Senior citizens can be caught easily on the rags edges most especially when they use canes and walkers. Not only if you really want to use non-slip backing, have had had rugs actually increased the chances that you’ll fall.

Never use steps or place any steps in the kitchen. The reason is that there might be a possibility that one day you’ll fall because this instruction was rejected. Steps, ladders are definitely not a big no in the kitchen because of the possible danger that it might bring to the occupants.

Keep Everything within Reach

From cabinets to microwave oven, it is best to properly transfer things that you usually use within reach. The best position to place the things that you needed is above the waist and below your head or where your hand can easily reach it. The reason was mentioned so that you don’t have to bend over many times just to get a plate that you are going to use. Even ingredients that are usually used in cooking have also to be placed near your reach so you can save time in searching for those ingredients.


Organized Kitchen

When looking at the kitchen floor, it is best to keep the materials soft to break your fall in case you fall down. The natural materials usually used are the bamboo which is softer than ceramic tiles or stone. Again, you need not choose carpets; instead you can look for new materials that are proven to be softer, so you can avoid getting broken bones when you fall.

Growing old is not new to everyone yet it is not easy when you are already there. It is still best to plan for a kitchen that not only it useable for you today but can still be used when you grow older. The lists above are ways how to make our present kitchens become friendly to senior citizens. You can still have that peace of mind that you’ll have a functional home even as you age.

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